Dr. Tapper does his 1st lipedema liposuction!

Our program is off and running! After 10 months of careful planning and training, I performed my 1st lipedema liposuction today. I want to thank everyone who has supported me along this journey. In particular, let me thank Dr. Stutz and Dr. Rapprich who welcomed me to their clinics in Germany in the true spirit of Hippocrates. Many other people have influenced me along the way including, FDRS participants, bloggers/organizers (you know who you are :)), and Dr Correa in Orlando. But the biggest push forward has come from patients who I have seen suffering with lipedema. Your support and encouragement to pursue this path has been vital. I have seen your legs for years and now I know how to help. To my brave 1st patient, thank you. You are a hero, thank you for trusting me.