Dr. Tapper goes to Germany to learn new surgical techniques!

Dr. Tapper will be visiting two surgeons in Germany from May 7 to May 14, 2016. He will be learning 2 different lymph sparing liposuction techniques to help patients with LIPEDEMA. Dr. Stutz, a vascular surgeon in Bavaria, has pioneered the WAL technique or water assisted liposuction for lipedema. Dr. Rapprich in Frankfurt is an expert at the PAL technique or power assisted liposuction for lipedema. Both techniques have a place in helping people who suffer from lipedema. The German surgeons are 10 years ahead of us in their understanding and treatment of lipedema. Dr. Tapper is going to be part of a small cadre of American physicians determined to catch up, then lead the way to better understanding of this troubling disorder. Check back for an update from Germany!