Dr. Tapper invited to present at prestigious 2017 ISET meeting

ISET, the International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (www.ISET.org) is the largest, most prestigious meeting of its kind. It attracts physicians in multiple specialities from around the world. Earlier this year, Dr. Tapper gave a talk at ISET 2016 about when doctors should NOT do endovenous ablation of the saphenous vein. There are too many patients who needlessly get saphenous ablation, either because they are deceived by an unethical practitioner, or the practitioner does not understand the anatomy of their venous disease. For example, patients with isolated spider veins do NOT need saphenous ablation. Dr. Tapper's talk focused on the complex anatomy of venous disease and how our understanding of it has changed over the past 15 years. He also emphasized the importance of ethical behavior by physicians in this area that is so prone to abuse.

For ISET 2017, Dr. Tapper will be speaking on evolving strategies and techniques used to reconstruct the inferior vena cava (IVC) once it has become occluded by an IVC filter. There are a subset of patients with debilitating painful swollen legs as result of IVC filter occlusion. Dr. Tapper has developed techniques to remove the filter and restore flow through the IVC.  Once the IVC is re-opened, the pain and swelling dissipate resulting in renewed mobility. There are many IVC filter attorneys but very few doctors who are dedicated to removing problematic filters and restoring IVC function.

If you have problems with your IVC filter, call Dr. Tapper, he can help you!


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