Dr. Tapper to present at Veith Symposium November 2018

The Veith Symposium is the biggest most prestigious vascular conference in the world. Dr. Tapper has been invited to present 2 important talks to an international audience. Thousands of vascular physicians from all corners of the world will be in attendance.

In his first talk of the symposium, Dr. Tapper will explain the “Principal - Agent Dilemma” which describes relationships that can be exploited by unscrupulous professionals. Google “the principal agent dilemma” and you will see that it is easy for malicious unethical figures of “authority” to advise their clients/patients/customers to agree to something that is not really in their best interest. This conflict of interest leads bad doctors to recommend that patients have unnecessary procedures on their arteries or veins. Patients beware..please get a second opinion before you get an vein ablation or an atherectomy / stent.

In his second talk, Dr. Tapper will teach the audience about lipedema and the benefits of lymph-sparing liposuction. Lipedema is most often confused with obesity or lymphedema therefore physician education is so important. US physicians are largely blind to the diagnosis of lipedema…..Dr. Tapper wants to rectify that problem.