Intra-vascular ultrasound-IVUS. The Hubble telescope for vascular disease.

For the past several years, I have been using a miraculous tool called intravascular ultrasound or IVUS. This is a small catheter with an ultrasound probe on the tip, which allows me to see inside and artery or vein, as well as all around the vessel. The images that IVUS gives of arteries and veins are as revealing as those from the Hubble telescope. Vascular surgeons can see things with IVUS that we never knew existed. IVUS allows us to see abnormalities from inside an artery or vein with more accuracy than with just a simple arteriogram or venogram. IVUS is critical for planning a stent placement and assessing the success of an intervention. I have IVUS available to use for all my patients whether your procedure is done at the hospital or in the office. Ask your doctor about IVUS and how it can be used to help guide and assess your treatment.