Vein Surgeons in Florida: Find a "peach" and avoid the "lemon".

The Florida Vascular Society meets in Amelia Island this week and Dr Tapper is presenting important work on the ethics and economics of venous surgery. Dr. Tapper and other vascular surgeons in Florida are concerned about inappropriate vein treatments being done by unqualified physicians. Neither the State nor the insurance companies do enough to protect patients from bad vein doctors. Much like the used the car market before Carfax, it is hard for patients to tell if their doctor is a "peach" or a "lemon". Dr. Tapper wants you to have a way to know for sure that your doctor has your best interest at heart. Because so much money is involved in vein surgery, large companies whose motive is profit and physicians trapped in the cycle of declining reimbursement conspire to convince patients to submit to unnecessary but highly profitable LASER procedures. Right now there is no regulation to protect patients. So if you are considering vein surgery, make sure you get an opinion from a Vascular Surgeon certified by The American Board of Surgery.