Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS)

The long‐term effect of DVT is called Post Thrombotic Syndrome, or PTS. PTS can arise from obstruction of venous return by clot or insufficiency of the deep vein valves that get destroyed by the clot or a combination of both problems. Once venous drainage becomes impaired, the leg becomes swollen, heavy, painful, and discolored. The pain can be severe making standing, walking, and working very difficult. The best treatment for PTS is prevention, which means timely treatment for DVT consisting of anticoagulation and compression stockings. However, if you have had a DVT and have developed post-phlebitic syndrome all is not lost. Dr. Tapper specializes in advanced techniques to restore blood flow through chronically blocked veins. He has opened veins in the arm, chest, abdomen, pelvis and legs. If you have had a DVT and experience pain, swelling, skin discoloration or any other manifestations of PTS call for an evaluation.

Examples of PTS: